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Images that represent your culture with creativity, consistency and quality. With a mixed of technical knowledge and artistic eye to connect and engage with your clients.


Tips to make good photos using your phone

Many businesses are going online or improving their online presence. Mobile cameras do amazing jobs and I have seen great ideas out there and I’d like to contribute a little with some simple tips using your phone. With some...

Lego Lunch atop a Skyscraper

I though about these photos when sending a message about the physical distance (I prefer rather than social distance). . Although the lego interpretation is not new, I believe it’s valid to communicate the idea of distance, but keeping...

The Bend in the Road Love your local project

The Bend in The Road is a community group in Doubleview and Scarborough in Western Australia. I volunteer to shot the local businesses for the project “Love your local at The Bend” for the place activation during thew...