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About photography for your business

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You don’t take a photograph, you make it.

Ansel Adams

Businesses need things to happen. A new product, a campaign, a new team member, a new building, some achievement. Photography is essential to communicate your business and enhance your brand.

Having a professional photographer helping you to achieve what you want, saves your time, and money. He or she has the knowledge of the craft, the techniques and the tools needed to make it happen. And also know what can work better for your business and how to create it, with professional look credibility, and consistency to the right impact.

But, you don’t always need a professional photographer.

Sometimes a photographer is not the best option, could be because of your budget, or the ROI for your photoshoot (if your selling products at $15 it’ll very hard to justify the investment on a photographer) or the timing. So many things happen in between shots that you can’t rely on a photographer only.

Nowadays virtually everybody can photograph. Everyone should know how to shot simple photos and small videos for small and fast projects. Doing things yourself probably will make you look more authentic, helping you to connect with your audience. Specially for Instagram stories and Facebook posts. Currently, with smartphones, AI, and all digital tools, it becomes easier. 

However, remember, cameras, these little machines, are just the tools of the trade.

The reality is; photography is about creativity, intuition, imagination, technique and the right tools. And that knowledge you get from 10.000 hours of practice to master any skill. Those you can have instantly when hiring a professional photographer when you need quality, consistency and reliable work. And then, you are free to put your time and attention in the areas that make the biggest difference for your business.

Photography is an investment for your business.

It is important that you know what you want to communicate (your message) for who (your audience), and why, the special thing about your business that makes you unique and stands out from the crowd. 

And then, with this information, your photographer will know how to create the right image that represents your culture and your brand using her/his imagination, creativity, experience, tools and techniques. To communicate your message to your right audience, engage with them and get results that matter.

How to choose the right photographer for you?

  1. Look at her/his portfolio to check the quality, image aesthetics and past works. 
  2. Check her/his qualifications, experience and awards.
  3. How professional she/he is? Ability to work to a deadline, have an ABN, insurance and a website?
  4. Check if her/his personality and interests are compatible with yours and if it will be easy to work with. Does she/he has personal projects or anything special that is important to you? How involved in the community? If this is important to you.
  5. Remember it’s an investment and you are paying for knowledge, creativity, experience, consistency, convenience, equipment, facilities and peace of mind. The right photographer will save your time and money, and you get a great return for your investment.
Thank you for any comment about this text you have. And for helping me with anything else regarding my English mistakes and poor language skills, as English is not my first language. I appreciate your consideration and collaboration.