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Photo books

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Although nowadays digital format is an alternative for many things such as music, photos, books and so on. O believe the good old ones have a special place in our lives. Specially for people like me that enjoy a more substantial and physical experience, call me old school. That’s ok. I love acoustic drums, live music, paper books and printed photos.

In fact I believe photography is complete when it’s printed. Besides all sustainable issues related to the production, printing and delivering of the prints.

They are tactile, objects, the photos look and feel differently than when seeing in a screen. There are the layout, the history we are telling.

I made a few photo books and every year I print some sorted images that go to my old fashion photo albums.

About our first years living in Australia.
Book about the visit of our family in Australia
My youngest son soccer team

Our very first time in Europe

Half mono and half colour photography
My portfolio