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Historic Buildings in Perth, Western Australia

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fmr Salvation Army Headquarters 1899 Pier Street, Perth
St George’s Cathedral 1879 Cathedral Avenue, Perth
St Andrews 1859 36 St Georges Terrace, Perth
fmr Salvation Army Congress Hall 1929 48-54 Murray Street, Perth
Young Australia League 1922 45 Murray Street, Perth
fmr GovernmentPrinting Office 1894 78 Murray Street, Perth
State Buildings 1874 Cathedral Avenue, Perth and New Perth city Library, 2016
No 1 Fire Station 1901 25 Murray Street, Perth
The Melbourne Hotel Perth. Peter John Wilson - Oldham Boas Ednie-Brown - Buchan Group Marcos Silverio architectural photographer architecture photography
The Melbourne Hotel Perth. Peter John Wilson, 1897. Renovated in 1994 by Oldham Boas Ednie-Brown and 2018 by Buchan Group.
Gledden Building. Art Deco building, 1938, Oldham, Boas and Ednie-Brown.
Atrium Building, 1982. Forbes and Fitzhardinge.
Council House 1961 27 St Georges Terrace, Perth
Perth Concert Hall 1973 5 St Georges Terrace, Perth
No.2 Substation, Murray St
Royal Hotel, 1882, Murray St
Not a heritage listed. But, I like the brutalist simple architecture, Murray St