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Tips to make good photos using your phone

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Many businesses are going online or improving their online presence. Mobile cameras do amazing jobs and I have seen great ideas out there and I’d like to contribute a little with some simple tips using your phone. With some tweaks, it’s possible to get better photos to communicate with your clients.

The principles are lighting, composition and capture the moment, or your intention.

Experiment, there is no right or wrong. Keep it simple.

Bright and light are always better.

Show vivid images. But you can go black and white and be introspective and focused on the images with no colour distraction.

I took some photos using my old iPhone 5s (oh yeah, old is cool!) at my kitchen to show some ideas. Not the best quality I confess, but does the job πŸ™‚

1 – Try natural light from a window (big sources of light make the light softer) great for food. Flash is not the best light.

2 – Side lighting enhance textures, volumes and shapes and make shadows more interesting

3 – play with shadows

4 – Focus on your subject
5 – Get closer to your subject and avoid the centre position (have you heard about the rule of thirds?) Or… show context of your subject

6 – If you want no background distraction, try using a white paper like this

7 – Change angles, move around
8 – use props, shot thru things, frame your subject
9 – Think opposite and make it different πŸ™‚
10 – Be creative

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